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Riversong of the Rhone

We are delighted to announce that we will be soon be publishing Patti Marxsen's English translation of C.F. Ramuz's Chant de Notre Rhone. This prose poem, published in 1920, is an artful ode to the land and the people who live along the Rhone and Lake Leman in Switzerland.

Here is part of what Susan M. Tiberghien says in her foreword,

Herein lies the secret of the brilliance of Riversong of the Rhone. The author/poet C.F. Ramuz and the translator/poet Patti M. Marxsen have come together as a pair of alchemists, like in the Middle Ages when it was most often a pair, heating the alchemical furnace, stoking the fire, to burn away the impurities and find the gold in the base metals. Together Ramuz and Marxsen have listened to—looked at—the river, there "where it begins to glisten white and you see it flee toward the west." They have distilled the gold and shared it with us in Riversong of the Rhone.

Riversong of the Rhone is scheduled to appear in (the Northern Hemisphere) Spring of 2015.